March 26, 2014: Goodreads Giveaway!

I'm giving away three signed copies of my upcoming release, HOW TO LOSE A DUKE IN TEN DAYS! You can enter HERE!

December 4, 2013: Flash Fiction!

As part of the "Historical Hookups" tour, me and my fellow Foerever Yours authors were asked to each write an original 800 word scene with the same criteria:

Hair color: Reddish-brown hair, the color of mahogany
Social status: Dishonored… heiress
Family situation: It's complicated
Hero's archétype: Rake
Scene takes place in: The cloak room

Mine is up at today! Check it out HERE!

February 22nd, 2013: Quick update!

I’m here! I’m alive! I’ve been swamped with deadlines, but now that novella #3 has been turned in to my editor, I can rejoin the world! Whew.

And in the spirit of fun, this is the unofficial blurb for the as-yet-to-be-named third novella:

Bold and adventurous, Gabriella Weatherfield has a bevy of suitors…and all of them, quite frankly, bore her to tears. Until, at her best friend’s house party, she is introduced to the handsome recluse, Nicholas Montgomery, coldly known as the “unseducable” duke of Somerset. During a night of fun and revelry, Gabriella’s friends challenge her to a dare…with nothing but her irresistible charms; she must win a kiss from the duke!

Nicholas is secretly intrigued by Gabriella, but when he overhears the reckless beauty accept a scandalous dare involving him, it’s a temptation he simply can’t ignore. Someone needs to teach the vixen a lesson and he’s just the man to do it. Trouble is, Nicholas craves more than just a kiss–he hungers for Gabriella, body and soul. But when she discovers his painful secret; a secret he has been keeping his entire life, he is forced to make a choice that could mean certain ruin or losing Gabriella forever.

I don’t have a firm release date yet, but I believe it will be out in the fall/winter of 2013. Woot!

November 7th, 2012: Romantic Times Mention!

I’m so excited, I just had to share…my very first mention in Romantic Times!

Historical Romance – Time to don your corset and petticoats because author Kate McKinley is taking readers to a house party in Regency England. The yet-to-be titled anthology will let readers discover all of the guests’ secrets, by allowing us to see the entire event through three different couples in three interconnected novellas. On your mark, get ready, and flirt!

Here’s the link, if you’d like to check out the whole post:

October 9th, 2012: Onward and upward

Okay, the blurbs for novellas 2 and 3 are off to my agent! Cross your fingers she likes them! They’re sexy and fun, right up my alley—so I’m hoping they get the thumbs up! If all is well, then she’ll send them to my editor—who may or may not need a full synopsis for each before I can start writing. I’m not quite sure how this process works yet.

So while I’m waiting to hear back, I’m be working on a proposal for a full length novel—which I’m hoping I can develop into a three book series. I have a pretty fun idea for the first book, but it’s just in the beginning stages now. Motivations and conflicts haven’t been fully fleshed out yet. That’ll take some time.

This is the best stage of writing—when an idea is new, so full of promise! No snags in the plot, no stubborn characters to whip into submission…not yet, at least. The challenges will come, I know. But for now, I’m having fun daydreaming.

October 7th, 2012: Exciting News!!!

I can FINALLY announce my good news! Last week, I sold three Regency novellas to Grand Central Publishing’s Forever Yours imprint!! I’m so unbelievably excited! The first novella will be out spring of 2013!

And just when I thought things couldn’t get better, I signed with an AMAZING agent, Helen Breitwieser of the Cornerstone Literary Agency! I’m so over the moon!

So, you’ll see the blog design has changed a little. Since I’ll be focusing on historicals for the foreseeable future, I thought the blog should have a more historical feel. It’s simple and sleek! I hope you like it!